The Brighton Siege: The Pandemic of Pan-Islamism

The Brighton Siege: The Pandemic of Pan-Islamism

“Most people think there are a lot of bad people running around in the world. There aren’t a lot of bad people, there are a lot of bad ideas, and bad ideas are worse than bad people because bad ideas are contagious. Bad ideas get good people to do horrible things.” ~Sam Harris

Two people have needlessly and tragically lost their lives – three policemen have been shot and wounded, and a woman has been traumatised for life. Why? Well, a Muslim terrorist (yes, you read that correctly) who was known to counter-terrorism police was acquitted after trying to commit a deadly act of terrorism against an Australian army base in Sydney in 2009. It is a matter of record that prior to the attempted suicide attack against the Holsworthy barracks in Sydney, Yacqub Khayre travelled to Somalia to seek clerical approval for the attempted suicide attack.  If that’s not enough, this same Islamic psychopath carried out a violent and terrifying home invasion and was subsequently jailed for three years, then later paroled. Surely he was being monitored and was on the terrorist watch list, right? No. He was left to freely wander society with a dark and dangerous contagion plaguing his crazed and corrupted mind. This contagion is radical Islam. There! I said it. Now you say it. Radical Islam. Well done! The fact that Yacqub Khayre was able to float freely around Australian society with his robe and his sickle speaks volumes about the insane state of affairs concerning our unwillingness to deal with the inherent dangers of Islamic extremism.

I know this may come across as insensitive, inappropriate and perhaps even politically incorrect, but Australian authorities must increase the penalties for radical Islamists – whether they have successfully carried out acts of terror, been found to have been plotting them, or even if they are inciting them through radicalised religious sermons in mosques around Australia. We can longer afford to allow this deadly contagion to run rampant throughout Australian society. We must wrench our heads from the stifling sands of political correctness, we must cast cultural relativism to the winds of history, and we must, if we are to ever again live in peace, condemn and ridicule into obscurity the noxious narratives nauseatingly nurtured and propagated by the far left. I refuse to sit silently as my children walk the streets in the proximate presence of Islamist psychopaths who callously spin their roulette wheels of devastation and death. I will not remain quietly compliant with socially acceptable narratives if it means playing dice with the lives of my children. I am sorry, but we must honestly and courageously tackle the inherent problems associated with the core and peripheral doctrines of Islam in a manner that protects the rights of both peaceful moderate Muslims and non-Muslims alike. We must stop aiding and abetting conservative Islamists and we must start to protect the human rights and lives of people who simply wish to live in a free and safe society. We can no longer afford to tolerate this psychological infection. Those gripped by this radical Islamic contagion must be quarantined from the general population. Should we continue along this cowardly and apathetic path of politically correct complacency and conservative cultural and religious appeasement, we will almost certainly see a continuation of the carnage that is perpetually plaguing the 21st century.  In the wise words of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, “Tolerance of intolerance is cowardice”.


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