Atheists vs Trump

Atheists vs Trump

Most well-known and accomplished atheists are united in their contempt for Donald Trump. There are a few minor exceptions, but overall, intelligent atheists are generally opposed to Donald Trump. I’ve compiled a very short (incomplete) list of anti-Trump clips and statements made by some of the world’s most renowned atheists. Please enjoy.


Richard Dawkins


“Watched the debate. Trump believes being rich is a good reason to vote for someone! I think most Americans have better judgment.”

“Hillary knowledgeable, intelligent, presidential. Trump blustered incoherently like the ignorant, fact-disdaining, vainglorious bully he is.”

“Donald Trump’s proposal to discriminate against Muslims in America is an outrage. Muslims are the main VICTIMS of the evil of Islamism.”


Maryam Namazie


Donald Trump is a poor excuse for a human being. He has a right to be a bigot and I have a right to challenge his bigotry.”


Sam Harris

“What you could say of Trump…he is perhaps the least qualified candidate we have ever had…There is simply too much evidence for the poverty of his thinking.”


Lawrence Krauss

“Donald Trump is a spoiled brat. If he’s losing he finds a reason to blame other people..again, he’s the center of his own universe.”

“In a single speech Trump shows he knows nothing about science, energy, environment, law, or the economy. Impressive.”


Sarah Silverman


If u support Trump at least support him KNOWING that he is in bed w Putin, & Russia needs Trump to win & please at least WONDER WHY THIS IS.”

“Trump to head to court in December for allegedly tying up and raping a 13-year-old girl…” 


Daniel Dennett


“Why has it taken so long for mainstream journalism to call Trump what he obviously is: a sociopath?”


Steven Pinker


“But well-known excesses in the policing of speech have handed Trump a gift: he can rationalize despicable attitudes as honest reactions to political correctness.”


Taslima Nasreen


“A man has smashed Donald Trump’s walk of fame star in Hollywood. But why did Trump get that star? For owning strip clubs?”

“Say NO to Donald Trump.”


Michael Shermer


“At that time I liked some aspects of Trump…I’ve since grown concerned about some of Trump’s other positions, however.”


Bill Maher



 “Donald Trump loves to say that other countries are laughing at us. They are laughing at us because of what he says, and that so many of us are taking him seriously.”


Ricky Gervais

“Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is a joke that got out of hand.”

“He doesn’t mean to be funny, but he is, and that’s the beauty of it!”


Ayaan Hirsi Ali


“I think it’s [Trump’s proposal to ban Muslim immigration] a bad idea. I don’t think we should do what Trump is saying. Even if we could do it, I don’t think we can, but even if we could do it, I think it’s a bad approach. And it’s created this false promise where a large number of American voters think that if they elect Trump, that he has the solution to this long-term ideological war.”


Jerry Coyne


“But by all accounts I’ve read, Trump not only didn’t evince any semblance of a Presidential (or even rational) demeanor, but rather refused to say he’d honor the results of the election, and claimed that millions (yes, millions) of people were registered to vote who weren’t qualified.”

Commenting on Trump’s tweet below, Jerry Coyne remarked: “Yet more reasons why Donald Trump shouldn’t be President.”



Penn Jillette


“The stuff [Trump] is saying on immigration, the stuff he saying on torture, the stuff he is saying on war, is absolutely unforgivable.”

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