Celebrity Atheists, Humanists & Secularists Across the Globe Rally to Save Asia Bibi

Celebrity Atheists, Humanists & Secularists Across the Globe Rally to Save Asia Bibi

After a judge recused himself from presiding over Aasiya Noreen’s (AKA Asia Bibi) final appeal to avoid the death penalty for allegedly “insulting Islam”, Aasiya continues to dwell in horrible conditions on death row, with insane Islamists violently calling for her execution. Despite the absence of evidence for the charge and the charge’s inherent absurdity, this mother of five may soon be marched to the gallows and hanged from the neck until either her neck snaps or until she frantically and painfully gasps for her final breath. Will her husband and young children be present while her body violently thrashes and convulses upon the noose as she struggles for life in her last terrifying moments, or will they be standing by to receive the news that their beloved Aasiya/ammi (mother) has been murdered by the government of Pakistan for a crime she most certainly could not have committed? How does one commit libel and offend an omniscient and omnipotent deity? Why doesn’t this all-knowing and all-powerful deity file his own charges and argue his own case? Why leave it up to superstitious and credulous troglodytes to come to his assistance? I think the answer is quite obvious: Manmade gods will always require manmade blasphemy laws to protect their manmade integrity. But who cares about freedom and human rights when the integrity of imaginary friends is at stake, right?  It is outrageously absurd if you think about and you don’t really need to think about it all that much – yet to many Pakistanis it makes perfect sense to snuff out a human life for offending outdated and irrational human beliefs.

One week ago my human rights organization, Human Rights for Atheists, Agnostics and Secularists, launched a petition to save Asia Bibi. In a single week the petition gained over 14,000 signatures and has now become a rallying post for celebrity atheists, humanists and secularists. International celebrity Ricky Gervais, the Thinking Atheist’s Seth Andrews, activist and host of Bread and Roses Maryam Namazie, president of the Rationalist International Association and former Indian Guru Buster Sanal Edamaruku, renowned physicist Dr Lawrence Krauss, Dr Sam Harris, author and comedian Pat Condell, chair of the Raif Badawi Foundation and wife of imprisoned Saudi humanist Raif Badawi, Ensaf Haidar, president of Atheist Ireland, Michael Nugent, author of Enemy of the StateTommy Robinson, author of The Atheist MuslimAli Rizvi, as well as other notable atheists, humanists and secularists have all thrown their strong and sympathetic support behind the petition to save the life of woman whose only crime was being born into an oppressed religious minority, in a country seething with so much fanatical Islamism and Islamic extremism that it has seeped into both the government and judiciary, effectively obliterating the principles of democracy that Pakistan continues to pretentiously pride itself upon.


To read more about Aasiya’s struggle, follow this link – Asia Bibi Blasphemy Case

To sign the petition, follow this link – URGENT: Petition to Save Asia Bibi

To contact the Supreme Court of Pakistan and plead/protest to save Aasiya, follow this link – Supreme Court of Pakistan Contact Details

To contact the United Nations Human Rights Commissioner, follow this link – Save Asia Bibi – Letter to the United Nations Human Rights Commissioner


Donate – Abolish Blasphemy Laws


Let’s all come together and give our support to a woman and her family who are suffering horribly for no reason whatsoever.


Let’s save Asia Bibi!



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