The Real Danger of ISIS: Orlando Shooting

The Real Danger of ISIS: Orlando Shooting

The real danger of ISIS isn’t the organization’s expanding cadre of insane jihadists and Islamists, but its power to act as a unifying symbol for disgruntled Muslims across the globe. ISIS has become a flag behind which a growing number of psychologically unstable and devout Muslims can stand in unity and gain a twisted sense of fellowship. I’m not suggesting it is the only one, and that there aren’t peaceful Muslim organizations that offer the same comradery and cohesion for Muslims, but it is the one in dire need of focused contemplation and intellectually honest discussion.  Following the Orlando shooting, many commentators became fixated on trying to establish a tangible link between Omar and ISIS, but given the way in which ISIS has morphed into an Islamic cultural phenomenon, there need not be any direct connection between a Muslim who commits an atrocity under the banner of ISIS and ISIS itself. There is some merit to the argument that the United States unwittingly created ISIS, and that many Muslims have valid complaints against the U.S., but there can be no doubt at all that it was the “Prophet” Muhammad who wrote ISIS’ insane and capricious manifesto – for one need look no further than the Qur’an, the Islamic hadith, and the biography of Muhammad to behold the blueprint for the pathological behaviour which has become an integral and significant aspect of the symbol that is ISIS.  Therefore, in order to thoroughly address and remedy the problems associated with ISIS, we need to thoroughly address and remedy the problems created by many of the core doctrines of Islam.  Here I add the obligatory yet necessary caveat, that not all Muslims follow Islam in the same way, and that Muslims have proven themselves to be just as apt at cherry-picking as most Christians, yet this caveat is beside the point. The growing extremism expressed by a growing number of Muslims across the globe, from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and many other extremist and fundamentalist Islamic states, to the extremism of groups like Al Qaeda, Boko Haram and ISIS, serves to reveal the true dangers inherent within a religion that rests upon books filled with the quasi-Judaic and southern Arabian infamy of an intellectually inferior and morally repugnant era.


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