Islamic Extremism – A Politically Incorrect Rant

Islamic Extremism – A Politically Incorrect Rant

Religious fundamentalists and extremists are people who practice the fundamentals of their religion extremely well.


I am becoming extremely agitated over the seemingly endless willful ignorance surrounding the seemingly endless atrocities committed by Islamists. You would think that after the hundredth time or so, and here I omit centuries of devastation wrought by this religion – but you would think that after all of the atrocities committed within last decade or so, that people would stop making excuses for a belief system that clearly fuels such violence. You would think that people might, just for a moment, put down their pretentious pandering and their pathetic platitudes and their mantras of political correctness, and have the courage to say, the problem is Islamism – the problem is Islam. How many more Islamic atrocities need we suffer before silent and cowardly scholars throw their hats into the discussion? How many more lives must be snuffed out before more people realize that the time has come to study this religion, to investigate its history, its jurisprudence – to take it apart, piece by piece – to examine the biography of the man the Qur’an encourages all Muslims to emulate?  Now, before you go and get your politically-correct knickers in a knot, I’m not suggesting that all Muslims follow that psychopath’s example, but, strangely enough, many Muslims do aspire to emulate the founder of their faith.  Many Islamists see the violence they are committing as a pure expression of their Islamic heritage and faith, and they are completely justified in this regard. The reliable hadith do tell of Muhammad’s violent and vile exploits, and the Qur’an, the primary pillar of this religion of “peace”, does encourage jihad, jizya, paedophilia, spousal abuse, and various other human rights-infringing behaviours.

“But, but, those verses have been taken out of their historical context! Extremists are misinterpreting the Qur’an! You have to understand, those violent prescriptions in the Qur’an were for a specific historical period!”

Oh, give it a rest! The Qur’an does not present itself as a history book – it is not Edward Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire – it is a religious book, and various verses within its foul contents make it perfectly clear that it is perfectly clear, and all applicable, forever and ever – well, until the return that vile and murderous paedophile-“prophet.” Its authors, whomever they may have been, wrote it in a manner that encourages its readers to be believe that it is the all-knowing and all-wise word of an all-knowing and all-wise sky-wizard, who, for the most part, is just a cheap copy of the Christian and Jewish sky-wizard. The authors of this compendium of medieval torture pornography desired all Muslims, from their time to ours, to kill until all religion is for Allah. How do I know this? It says so in their fucking book! Read it! When will our world leaders stop scratching their heads and wondering where all this violence is coming from?

“Umm, we are deeply saddened by the events in (you fill in the fucking city/country – there’s plenty to fucking choose from!)”

Really? You are deeply saddened, are you? Well, how about you take your heads out of your arses and call a spade a fucking spade?

“Oh, but those terrorists don’t really believe in Islamic jihad, they’re lying…it’s all political.  Besides, even if they did believe, who’s to say that such beliefs lead to such behaviours?”

Bullshit! Firstly, they say they believe it and they behave as if they believe it, and your only counter to these plainly obvious facts is….”can’t be!”  If they didn’t believe in their dirty little reward in the afterlife, they wouldn’t be so keen to blow themselves up! It’s the same reason the early Christian martyrs had no problem provoking their own martyrdom. They are deranged religious lunatics, following a deranged religious code, who would do just about anything if it serves their insane little religious fantasies. “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities”. Voltaire couldn’t have said it any better than that. But it’s not really these religious lunatics who are annoying me the most.  It’s the scholars of religion, the western media commentators, and politicians – seemingly intelligent people who simply refuse to see, much less state, the most patently obvious facts.  Let me break it down for you passive enablers of atrocity:


  1. Doctrine X: ‘Kill unbelievers’
  2. Believer truly believes that Doctrine X is the mandate of an all-knowing creator.
  3. Believer kills unbelievers as a result of his sincere belief in Doctrine X.
  4. Belief in Doctrine X is the fucking cause!


“But it’s not that simple”.

Yes, it is. It is that simple. Beliefs influence behaviours. For this reason, thoughtful and intelligent beliefs, those based on reason, evidence and logic – these beliefs, generally speaking, lead to thoughtful and intelligent behaviours. Conversely, stupid, barbaric, and atrocious beliefs lead to stupid, barbaric and atrocious behaviours.

When will the world finally wake up to the threat of unfettered religion? When will the world finally understand that Islam is not a religion of peace? But an even more pressing question is; when will the thinking elite in western democratic nations finally acquire the courage to declare a most obvious fact:


Sincere belief in some of the core doctrines of Islam….this is the root of Islamic extremism.



2 thoughts on “Islamic Extremism – A Politically Incorrect Rant

  1. Some say the problem is with the Muslims, and some people say the problem is Islam.
    Both are correct! The problem is Islam – its teachings and the believers of those teachings.

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