An Inarticulate Anti-Religious Rant

An Inarticulate Anti-Religious Rant

I refuse to remain silent as religion rips through humanity like a virulent plague. I know it’s awfully rude to question and criticize this very ancient institution, but so what? Political correctness and the protection of truth and human rights rarely coincide, so I would rather be politically incorrect and compassionate than cowardly and apathetic.  I would rather empathize with the oppressed than pander to the oppressor. I’d prefer to freely express contempt for contemptible cultures and religions than sit safely and silently as women are treated as beasts of burden, as mere chattels to be bartered between barbaric men.  Religion has been given far too much rope over the course of human history and now it acts as if….no, it knows that it is virtually untouchable.  We will excuse just about any crime, any infringement upon human rights so long as it is committed on behalf of religion. Cut into an innocent and helpless infant’s genitals, psychologically abuse trusting children with the fictional yet terrifying fear of hellfire and demons, beat disobedient wives, smother women in portable prisons crafted from cloth, deny the human rights of women and same-sex couples, gag those who, with empathetic and sympathetic hearts, speak the truth about dishonest and brutal religious regimes – excuse the insanity of Islamic nations that relish in the torturing, beheading and executing of infidels, “witches”, blasphemers and apostates – strip the human rights from anyone at all, so long as the religious sentiments of insane people are protected and nurtured like immature infants.  But I say no more! Religion’s free reign to ruthlessly rule and rip through the flesh and the freedoms of our fellow human beings must be brought to an end. It should no longer be seen as rude to ridicule ridiculous religious beliefs and behaviours – it should be deemed a virtue, a necessity, a must, and one of the greatest services to humanity. The old and tired social norms that continue to excuse religious barbarism and oppression must be repealed and revised lest we wish to continue living beneath the unbearable yoke of religious tyranny.  Outspoken anti-theism is the vaccine needed to bring about an overdue social and psychological revolution that will leave religion to rely upon its own merits, and this will destroy it – for religion is virtually meritless.  All that is good about religion comes from humanity and humanity alone, so humanity alone can express and practice these virtues without the fear-induced fallacies and felonies that have been a hallmark of humanity’s greatest error…religion.


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6 thoughts on “An Inarticulate Anti-Religious Rant

  1. Above your excellent standard! Must be sent to every mosque to stop their bullying of women, other religions and anyone who won’t submit to their dark age garbage! So clear. Thank you. Graham

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