Dear Conservative Religious Parents,

Dear Conservative Religious Parents,

Keep oppressing your children. Keep telling them that they were born rotten. Please continue to indoctrinate them with fear and self-loathing. Persist in teaching them that they are worthless without the superfluous salvation of your antiquated collection of superstitions. Keep pushing them down – because the more you push them down, the more we will pick them up, and the more you oppress them, the more we will liberate them. The more you indoctrinate, the more we will educate. The more you tell them they are rotten, the more we will reveal to them their magnificence. The more you teach them to be dependent upon depressing delusions, the more we will encourage them to joyfully question and carefully address the absence of evidence for your crazy and insane claims. Atheism will win this ideological war between mindless faith and thoughtful scepticism. We will. And we will, in large part, have you to thank for our victory. Your children will become friends and partners with our children. They will see all of the damage you have done to them through the eyes of our happy and intelligent children. Our children will open their eyes to a world so naturally beautiful, so intensely vibrant and brimming with the optimism of humane rationalism that they will have no other choice but to reject your inherited insanity. If our children cannot reach them in their social circles, we will reach them over social media. I should stress, we will not be intentionally targeting your children for de-conversion, but when they hear what we are saying, how we are saying it, and the immeasurable evidence we possess in favour of our claims, and they contrast this with the meagre amount of evidence you have for your banal beliefs, their atheism will be an inevitability.

Your ancient cults are on their death beds and the firm foot of atheism is standing steadily upon the oxygen hose which feeds your archaic aberrations of reality.  Science is asphyxiating your legacy of lunacy and it is only a matter of time before your children evolve with the evidence and behold the redundant nature of their parents’ religions.  So, thank you for your assistance. We sincerely appreciate it.


Yours Sincerely,




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