Coming Soon – ‘7 Parenting Tips for God’ – Back Cover Blurb

Coming Soon – ‘7 Parenting Tips for God’ – Back Cover Blurb

Michael A. Sherlock, author of the I Am Christ trilogy, The Gospel of Atheism and Freethought and Blasphemy: The Selected Works of a Blaspheming Atheist has finally decided to sit down and write a respectful letter to the God of the Bible.  In the past, Sherlock has been described as a disrespectful, vitriol-vomiting stone-cold atheist, in possession of not a single iota of respect for the gods of the various religions, nor their insane beliefs and practices – but in this sincere letter to God, Sherlock shows a gentler and more restrained side.  His respectful yet revealing psychiatric evaluation of the God of the Bible is on par with his warm and at times encouraging parenting advice to the space-dwelling father of the Bible.  Many of the parenting tips Sherlock offers would be of great value to actual parents, as they have been drawn from both his experience as a father of two, as well as his meticulous research into the various academic fields associated with parenting and mental health in general.


Don’t kill your kids! Probably the best piece of parenting advice in this book dripping with satire and Voltaire-ish sarcasm.


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