My Approach to Anti-Theism – The Religion Method

My Approach to Anti-Theism – The Religion Method

Anti-theist authors and scholars come from a diverse array of academic backgrounds.  Richard Dawkins, the renowned and award-winning evolutionary biologist, approaches the criticism of religious beliefs by combating them with the faith-destroying fact of evolution, and science in general. Sam Harris eloquently critiques religion by offering highly intelligent philosophical argumentation coupled with his own areas of expertise, neuroscience and psychology. Daniel Dennett destroys delusions by deconstructing the poor philosophy and science behind the claims made by religious apologists and theists. And then there was the late journalist and mutilator of manmade myths Christopher Hitchens, who employed perforating prose which proved capable of convincing the sincerest believer that they had been squandering their precious existence on fictions parading as facts.  I could continue to list the varied assortment of anti-theist authors but I think I’ve made my point. Each approach to religious criticism has its own unique venom and each and every one of these venoms helps to tame and ultimately take down this hydra that has harmed humanity since its formal inception on the southern plains Mesopotamia.

My own approach to religious criticism has been to meticulously study the religions I am criticising.  I like to see how they tick by taking them apart piece by piece – by examining their mythical, philosophical, theological and historical backgrounds.  I enjoy holding one religion in one hand and another in the other and comparing and contrasting their expression phenomena (beliefs, practices, rites, rituals, ceremonies, etc.). My passion for in-depth studies in religion inspired me to undertake a Master’s degree at the University of New England, where I am acquiring the academic tools necessary to write academic papers on the numerous problems associated with the various religions, and religion in general.

Here are just a few examples of my work on:





Atheism (No, this is not a religion!)

Scientology and Cults

Thomas Paine, Infidels & Blasphemy

Epic of Gilgamesh and Mesopotamian Religion

Alexander the God?: Religion as Political Propaganda


Whether you attack religion through science, philosophy, studies in religion, or from the fertile soil of any other branch of academia, just know that your particular approach is needed.  Religion has been around for thousands upon thousands of years. It is part of the very fabric of language, culture, politics, the arts, and just about every aspect of human society, particularly in regions where it still retains temporal authority.  We need all hands on deck to destroy this virus, so whatever intellectual and/or academic approach you enjoy employing, know that it is desperately needed and highly valuable.

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