What is a Free Thinker?

What is a Free Thinker?

What is a free thinker?

I don’t really know, but I imagine that a free thinker is one whose thoughts would be free from encumbrance, well, as free as possible. They would not perceive themselves or anyone else through the rose coloured glasses of any religion, nation, ethnicity, gender or race. They would be free from the narrow cognitive constructs of societal norms and traditions, and they might even see the human race as a single family of kindred beings, all sharing a single earth, with equal entitlements to freedom, regardless of any of the aforementioned categories.

A free ­thinker, I imagine, would not follow the teachings of any one teacher or group of teachers, but would sift through reliable information supported by reliable evidence, in order to further their own learning and psychological sovereignty. They would not be moved by the emotionally manipulative rhetoric vomited into the ears of their fellow human beings by religious and political sophists, for their minds would be sound enough to see through such base and ill-contrived manipulation. They would be free to follow the dictates of their own mind and at the same time, appreciate the great responsibility that comes with such freedom. Ultimately, I can only imagine, the free thinker would be one of the most hated kinds of people in a society underscored by chronic dependency and general ignorance.


3 thoughts on “What is a Free Thinker?

  1. The opposite of the free-thinker is one so bound to a principal or conviction that there is no mobility of thought. To those people, the narrow thinkers, the idea of someone’s mind sweeping the mental galaxy in search of a relevant idea, suggests disorientation. Historically, and even in a jury, the searching mind frustrates the dogmatist and must be locked away.

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