Islam is the Problem – The Paris Shooting & Charlie Hebdo

Islam is the Problem – The Paris Shooting & Charlie Hebdo

If you are a true Muslim, a Muslim who believes that the Qur’an is the unadulterated word of a perfect and omniscient god, then you must support the Islamists who murdered the journalists at Charlie Hebdo in Paris.  The Qur’an, along with the Sahih (reliable) Hadiths are unequivocal about the “crime” of blasphemy, and these core texts could not be any clearer about what is expected of believers when faced with the free and critical expression of opinions that do not pander to the delusions of their truly deranged religion.

The following are just a few examples from the core religious texts of Islam that deal with blasphemy:

Qur’an (33:57-61)“Lo! those who malign Allah and His messenger, Allah hath cursed them in this world and the Hereafter, and hath prepared for them the doom of the disdained…Accursed, they will be seized wherever found and slain with a (fierce) slaughter.”

The Sahih Bukhari recounts Muhammad’s calling for the execution of a Jewish poet who had insulted him:

This recounts the murder of Ka’b bin al-Ashraf, a Jewish poet who wrote verses about Muslims that Muhammad found insulting.  He asked his followers, ‘Who will rid me of this man?’ and several volunteered.  al-Ashraf was stabbed to death while fighting for his life.

~Bukhari: 59:369

The Bukhari also contains the following interpretation of the punishment prescribed in the Qur’an for blasphemy:


Those who mocked Muhammad at Mecca were killed after he had retaken the city and asserted his authority.

                                                                                                    ~Bukhari: 4:241

Now, I am not suggesting that most Muslims are murderous in the face of ridicule and criticism, but many are, and for good reason; well, I say good reason, but what I really mean is, for reasons that are logically compatible with an extremely deranged ideology.  Those Muslims who do not kill blasphemers, who forgo the stoning of adulterers, along with the cherry-pickers who fail to slaughter apostates, who show mercy to those who ridicule and reject Islam, are living in contradiction to the dictates clearly and explicitly expressed in their core religious rags.

It has come time for all of us to address the core problem of Islamic violence in the world today, and this core problem is Islam itself. The doctrines of Islam call for violence, its history is saturated with brutality and it continues to claim the lives of our fellow human beings on a daily basis.  Whether the victim is a cartoonist, a journalist, young school children, a brave young Pakistani girl who wishes to learn to read, innocent people enjoying their morning coffee in a Sydney café, a member of a competing sect of Islam, a Christian mother sentenced to death for blasphemy in Pakistan, or any of the countless women stoned for being raped by maniacal men in Islamic states, Islam is the problem and we cannot solve this problem by pretending that it doesn’t exist.  Political correctness has no place in an honest discussion about the harm of Islam and if we wish to prevent the perpetual repetition of Islamic violence, we must be allowed to safely engage in discussions that address the true cause of Islamic extremism and fundamentalism, because the truth is, Islamic fundamentalists and extremists are merely those who practice the fundamental teachings of their religion, extremely well!

I will finish with a question:

If the Qur’an says “kill blasphemers” and a Muslim kills blasphemers, how is that not Islam?


10 thoughts on “Islam is the Problem – The Paris Shooting & Charlie Hebdo

    1. The Old Testament has similar violent precepts for example Deuteronomy 21 18:21 which prescribes a rebellious son to be stoned to death. But Jews and Christians no longer take them literally (if they ever did) and we do not state that Judaism and Christianity are deranged religions.

  1. “If the Qur’an says “kill blasphemers” and a Muslim kills blasphemers, how is that not Islam?”

    It is Islam. But it’s not the only Islam.

    Muslims who don’t kill the blasphemous are still Muslims. You acknowledge in your piece that these people exist, and tacitly admit they are, indeed, Muslim. So, it follows, that to be a Muslim, despite what the extremists say, one doesn’t have to follow all the tenets of the Quran. Similarly, not all Anglican priests believe in the literal resurrection. But they remain Christian, as do those who do.

    You seen to fall into the same trap as the extremists, and define the faith along narrow, dogmatic lines. You either must believe it all, or you’re not Muslim. Most faiths are contradictory, illogical and this is no exception. That’s why one can be a Muslim, and think the Quran is the word of God, but also quietly ignore many of its teachings.

    People are not rational. Muslims are no exception.

  2. you people need Islam of coward people and if some attacks us to be like goats stop talking about non since things or using explanations for some maters in different issues in the the life .. when Islam asking Muslims to defined them selves against there enemy, I think they must use their powers not flowers for that, you take some of Quran chapters to talk by a bad way about Islam ..and i am telling you the problem not in Islam because it is not any body creation an it is Allah inspiration to his prophet Mohammed (peace upon him) and who created us knows what need more than our selves .. so the problem in the people that they need Islam that satisfy their illegal destiny or going on with their crimes in the Islamic countries and the rest of the world without stopping them or holding them accountable such like the Zionist, Mafia, Illuminati,… etc. and since Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world and many western people became Muslims when they relies the reality of Islam that new world order people are so much worry from that. so they are doing their best to destroy the good image of Islam and killing the real Muslims around the world and using their media empire such like Rupert Murdoch media empire, and i think you need to read and see many of tweets and pictures also videos in my tweeter and Facebook pages such like this one:
    Esam Mansour ‏@Esam1969 Jan 25

    رساله للعالم كله..أرجو أن تبلغ..مشارق اﻷرض ومغاربها.. Message to all people in the world

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