7 Parenting Tips for God

Tip 1:

Don’t Kill Your Children – This may seem obvious, but having thoroughly read the Bible, it is something I think God could work on.  The idea is to raise your children, so killing them for disobeying or irritating you, is not advisable.


Tip 2:

Consistency – Rules must be consistent.  If you make rules, like don’t eat pork, relax on Saturday, whatever, and then you turn around and say, “well, don’t worry about all that,” it is going to undermine your child’s perception of you as an authority figure and leave them confused, particularly if you have gone against the first tip and killed some of them for breaking these flimsy rules.



Punishment – Related to tip 1.  If you are going to use timeout as a means of discipline your children, it should be for a specified period of time, not an eternity.  Timeout is useful for allowing the child to think about what they have done wrong and how they can improve in the future, so setting them on fire for an eternity, contravenes this tip and the first one, and is counterproductive to the development of the child.


Tip 4:

Be fair – Don’t bestow rewards on some of your children and punishments on others, for no apparent reason.  For example, if you have a girl and a boy and you don’t allow the girl to share the same rights and privileges as the boy, she may eventually suffer from low self-esteem and this is only going to undermine your desired outcome.  Needless to say, it is also going to create unwarranted tension between the two.  Further, try not to favour one child over another, for example, don’t constantly say to one, “You are my favourite,” as it is not only going to lead them into decadence, but it will cause the others to resent you.



Respect – Respect is a two way street, so if you want your child to respect you, you must be deserving of that respect and also return it.  Demanding respect simply because you created them, is not fair, as they had no choice in their manifestation and also, it is going to make you appear tyrannical, which will eventually cause your children to lose faith in you.


Tip 6:

Don’t allow your children to suffer for your shortcomings – An example might be; you have made a mess at work and everything appears to be going wrong, so you hatch an idea to kill your child to fix it all.  This is a definite no no!


Tip 7:

Supervision – Children require constant supervision, particularly younger ones.  Leaving them unsupervised in a snake infested garden is just bad parenting, so take care to always look after them.  After all, as a parent your responsibilities should always outweigh your rights.


As a father myself, I know it can get tough sometimes, but keep these tips in mind and remember, when scolding your children, don’t use fire.


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